Hey, that’s my hand!

makeup on locationmakeup for models at Biltmore Estate

This week I had the pleasure to work with the Marketing team at Biltmore, Bonesteel Films and Lynne Harty. Paul Bonesteel and his crew had the video production and Lynne Harty worked the still photography end of things. We worked with professional models and locals on this two day shoot. I even got into the act a few times, playing a visitor to the hotel and serving a refreshing drink poolside to my friend Jean Sexton. Yes, I actually put makeup on her legs, feet and toes…I love my job!

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One Response to Hey, that’s my hand!

  1. Jean Sexton says:

    Are you sure you’re serving that lovely beverage to my Kanagrooby toes? I think you might be sneaking a slurp while my back (my foot?) is turned…

    Thanks for making my limbs look lovely!

    Jean : )

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