Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup by Makeup at the Grove Arcade

Halloween is drawing near…are you ready? We have had fun this year doing Halloween makeup for Sophie Magazine and a great shoot just for our own enjoyment. Terry even let us shave his head! (Not that he had much to lose.) If you need any help with matching your face to your fabulous costume call us, we’d love to help. We’re booking up so call soon!

Before and After shot

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  1. On a late summer day, I wandered into The Grove Arcade and found the gem that is “makeup”. Feeling dissatisfied with my makeup colors as our weather turned from summer to fall, I asked Scott for HELP! Kindly, calmly, expertly, listening, I was transformed from feeling like an ugly duckling to feeling like a swan. Not many men can say that they are thought about each morning with a smile – and Scott certainly is! As a busy Realtor, I don’t have time or desire to doddle – with Scott’s careful instruction, I bought the tinted moisturizer, great blush and my skin is protected and pretty! The eye shadows don’t smudge, don’t bother my contacts, are versatile and fun to use. Thanks, thanks, thanks – I’ve recommended “makeup” to friends. Can’t wait to come back for spring.

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