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Okay, for me it’s just another day on the job…NOT! I had so much fun on this shoot I thought I was the one who had died and gone to heaven. AND I somehow managed to be centerstage in the “Behind the Scenes” highlight images. I worked with Keith Wright of Wright Creative Inc. today and when I got home this evening these images were waiting for me. I have never worked with another photographer who works that fast. As you will see as you scroll down, we had a blast. I know I am always blogging about how much I love my job, but really, look at these images. Can you blame me? asheville airbrush makeup artistThis is only the second time I’ve used an airbrush on set. (The first will be posted soon.) I have a feeling it won’t be the last…fx makeup ashevilleI had to bag David’s ring finger before swabbing him for samples to go back to the CSI Ashville lab! …did I mention how much fun this shoot was?shameless self promotionI know it’s a shameless self-promotion, but I died on the set…and I’d KILL to do it again!makeup goof ballDon’t worry, David, this won’t hurt a bit…SNAP!

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