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Monthly archives for June, 2011

Growing Pains

Growing Pains

I hope this is old news to most of you, as we’ve been talking about it in the store for a while now. We have outgrown our little store. We are moving up the hall into a larger, brighter space. We will be next door to Alexander & Lehnert, the jewelry store. We are in […]

Wedding Photographer of the Week

Wedding Photographer of the Week

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jill Schwarzkopf, of Realities Photography, on three weddings in one week! Below are images of Catherine Bell’s bridal portraits taken on Tuesday this week. I am just returning from her wedding, with images in hand, already able to post her photos. This rarely happens so fast, […]

More Asheville Makeup Behind the Scen...

More Asheville Makeup Behind the Scenes…

It’s no secret that I love Keith Wright. There is nothing wrong with a little man crush every once in a while… I love working with Keith and his Wright Creative team. This week it was Keith, Philip and Andrea. He is famous for shooting the best behind the scene images in all the land. […]



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