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Broo Shampoo is making it big!

Asheville’s very own Broo Shampoo has hit the big time! Congratulations, Brad and Sarah. All of your beer, sweat and tears are paying off. They got national recognition and the product of the day on RealBeauty.com. Beer lovers, rejoice! Asheville has harnessed the power of the keg to make a vitamin- and protein-packed shampoo and conditioner that’s free of parabens and synthetic silicones. Citrus Pale Ale joins the original Craft Beer formula and will leave your locks smelling a little orange-y (not Bud Light). At $14.79 a bottle, it’s pricier than your normal draft, but calorie-free! (No, you can’t drink it). Barley and hops are actually super smart for your strands. Barley’s got vitamin B, minerals, and proteins, while hops has lots of conditioning oil.

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