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Sophie’s December issue

I am so proud of our involvement in Sophie magazine’s December issue. My dear friend, Spencer Butler is simply radiant on every page. Jackie Franquez has become our face for Sophie’s BEAUTYtrends. It is amazing to see how makeup can truly transform someone. She looks gorgeous in every shot, but always representing another facet to her beauty. We had so many contributors with this spread. They are all very high profile, so I’m sure you’re already familiar with them all, but I feel the need to mention and link to them anyway. Thank you, Amber Hatchett for the beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry. You can find her on etsy and at Hip Replacements and Moda. Congratulations to Rachel Eager of Penny Royalty. Your bags look stunning! Our shoe selection came from two of my favorite downtown people. Alex Carr of Tops for Shoes and Franzi Charen of Hip Replacements.

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