A or B?

Serenity and I have decided to include false eyelashes in our collection for the launch of SERENITY+SCOTT. We’re looking for some input…which package art do you like best?

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4 Responses to A or B?

  1. Mir.I.Am says:

    A! I like the blue.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I like both but A works best because the eyes are connecting with the viewer, in my opinion. Adds warmth to the coolness of the blue.

  3. Grace says:

    B- While I agree about the eyes connecting with the viewer in A, I feel like there is less visual emphasis on the lashes in A because of the colorful eyeshadows & liners. With the neutral tones of B, you are able to really see how the lashes are what make the eye “pop”. Additionally the model’s eye is looking towards the logo which then the viewers’ eye is drawn to. Both are great- maybe you can use one on the packaging and the other in print/web ad campaigns and other marketing collateral.

  4. kimberly king says:

    I like the blue! I also like your blog! Which one did you use. I’m coming down to visit your boutique. I hope you have good make-up brushes. Mine are shot and need new ones! :-)

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