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E. Scott Thompson

I have worked as a makeup artist in Asheville since my move from San Diego in 2004.
I have had the good fortune to work with the best art directors, models, actors, photographers, video & film crews, hair stylists…and wedding planners from here and all over the country. My brides have come from around the globe to get married in the beautiful city of Asheville. I am so proud of my team and what we continue to create in our small town. Click here or on my photo to see my online portfolio.

Serenity Eyre

Serenity began her love affair with makeup in London in the early 1980s. By the mid-90s she was a cosmetics manager for Christian Dior. Over the last 16 years she has worked as a makeup artist for many of the luxury brands. Having recently moved back to Asheville from NYC she was thrilled to discover that Makeup at the Grove Arcade had opened and is very happy to be part of our team. She loves the transformative nature of makeup.  Click here or on her photo to see Serenity’s online portfolio.

Zack Russell

Zack began his carreer with us as anaprentice and quickly proved to be an amazing talent.
He is a licensed esthetician and our airbrush specialist. That coupled with his talent as a painter and photographer explains his eye for color and style. He learned theatre makeup at a young age as a child actor. He has become a successful stage makeup designer for our local theatres. He is a self professed “tool dude” and believes it’s the brush as much as the makeup that helps to create a beautiful face. Click here or on Zack’s photo to see his online portfolio.

Ben Crofoot & Terry Ayoub

We call them “the Husbands”. Ben is our IT guy. He and Terry are in the shop whenever we have a need. Most helpful in our Men’s Department, they are also our star cashiers. Both are our behind the scenes rock stars…just don’t ask for a make-over from either!




6 Responses to About Us

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  2. Sherry says:

    We came to your shop on our weekend trip to Asheville and were so excited to talk to Serenity. She educated us so much on makeup and etc.
    We will definitely be back soon.

  3. Alison Buchanan says:

    Scott and Zach,
    We were in your shop yesterday on a weekend in Asheville. Your knowledge, incredible talent and warm personalities are one of a kind! We love, love, love our makeup! Thank you for making us feel beautiful!

  4. Erin and Graham Tucker says:

    This is to thank Serenity and Zack for their amazing help in executing the planning of our beautiful wedding at The Biltmore this past December 30th-Scott Thompson was the most charismatic, yet professional, loving individual to start our beautiful day with his make-up artistry! Serenity, you were there on the phone with a bride wanting to make sure she had the A team on that day-and from what I hear, you too are part of that A team there at the Grove. Zack, we had Parker J. and he was A mazing!! Thank you to each of you.

  5. Chryss says:

    Hi All….love my new lipstick from your unique little shop at The Grove. I was all sad about Clinique not making my color any longer and when I came to your shop, your lovely staff immediately matched my favorite color and made me so happy . I look forward to my next visit to this wonderful shop if for nothing else than to interact with the friendly and helpful staff there.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Zack did my trial for bridal makeup and Scott did my makeup on the actual wedding day. Both of the results were flawless. I was so impressed with their talents and how beautiful the makeup was done. Thank you both so much!!

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