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Mélange Perfume

Melange Roll-On Perfumes are inspired by the most coveted fragrance notes in custom blending.  Alcohol free, our perfumes are formulated in a natural base of Coconut Oil Fractions which leave the integrity of the fragrance notes intact and Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, a natural antioxidant which adds a rich dimension to our perfumes.  Numbered in an archive format, each blend is a homage to a carefully selected set of fragrance notes. The .25 ounce size is perfect for travel or a handbag.

All Melange perfumes are formulated note-by-note in studio and hand-poured in small quantities so they reach you perfectly fragrant.  They are designed to be worn alone or blended with other Melange Roll-On Perfumes to create a custom fragrance blend.


Melange Solid Perfume Blending Palettes

Inspired by the artists’ palette, each Melange Solid Perfume Blending Palette contains four distinct fragrances which can be worn alone or blended with others in the palette to create a unique fragrance blend. Custom blending at your fingertips!

Each perfume is assembled & hand-poured in our signature base of natural Beeswax & Jojoba Oil. The palettes are available in seven fragrance categories. Each palette is unique and can also be combined with other palettes for even more options.

Amber Notes Palette Floral Notes Palette
Amber, Plum & Vanilla;
Tobacco Leaf; Santal, Lily & Tonka;
Patchouli & Musk
Jasmine & Neroli;
Japanese Tea Rose & Sakura;
Casablanca & Tuberose, Frangipani & Gardenia
Citrus Notes Palette Green Notes Palette
Grapefruit & Pomegranate;
Citron & Casis; Bergamot &
Jasmine Mandarin & Tea
Green Tea & Honeysuckle;
Cut Grass & Paperwhite; Cucumber, Sakura & White Tea;
Mimosa, Mint & Citron
Fruit Notes Palette Vanilla Notes Palette – NEW!
Currant & Grapefruit;
Sakura Blossom & Ginger; Plum & Tobacco Leaf;
Pear &Fig Leaf
Vanilla & Figuier; Vanilla, Plum & Amber;
Vanilla & Mandarin;
Vanilla & Plumeria Blossom
Essential Oil Palette – NEW!
Lavender & Tangerine; Bergamot,
Orange & Mandarin; Jasmine & Pink Grapefruit;
Ylang-Ylang & Patchouli


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