Man’s Face Stuff

Man’s Face Stuff was started by two guys from Portland, Evan Dumas and BT Livermore. Both sport fine moustaches, of course, but were not satisfied with the waxes currently found on the market, so decided to make a wax they would like to use.

Their wax not only has the hold you desire (BT regularly bikes in the Portland rain and keeps his curl just fine) but they specialize in making wax that smells absolutely fantastic. If you’re feeling bold, why not try “Gin & Tonic” or “All-Nighter,” which smells of sweet coffee and fresh pipe tobacco.

They also make their wax in pocket sized tube for the man on the go.

And speaking of tubes, they have created a lip balm to help you take care of the less-hairy parts of your face with their new brand of “Farewell, Old Chap” lip balms, available in three varieties. Unscented, Fennel & Rosemary and Peru Balsam and Ginger.

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