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All Services priced below are in-store services only.

In-Store appointments may be scheduled over the phone by calling 828-505-4075.

If you have LASH EXTENSIONS please bring appropriate mascara and liner. Often the  esthetician who applied the extensions will suggest certain products to be used as to keep the integrity of the glue.

Lash & Liner  $15  includes cost of lashes. Lashes are wearable for the day and come off with makeup remover and water.

Full Eye $30 includes lashes, liner, and full eye makeup. 

Teen Makeup Consult $30 – (minors under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present) Teen Makeup applications are focused on the basics. We will consult with them on how to properly apply a tinted moisturizer, mascara, basic eye-shadow application, and blush. *does not include lash application

Education/Consult  $40 – We will go over how to apply a day and evening look along with any skin care questions that you may have. *does not include lash application

Bridal (Day of/Preview in-store)  $50 – For the preview you and an Artist will consult about  colors, application of foundations (weight and coverage), and your over all look that you wish to achieve. The preview Artist can not be guaranteed for the day of, however that Artist will take extensive notes about your look for the Artist on the day of to apply.

Event Makeup  $40 – Full makeup application for every occasion. $50 – Full makeup application with lash application.

Halloween Makeup $50 (does include lashes)  Per-hour *price may vary depending upon the complexity of the look.

Prom Makeup  $40  – Price may also vary depending on the complexity of the look. We recommend booking at least one month in advance. *Lash application included


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