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Women’s Fragrance



This unique line of perfumes is hand crafted and ment to smell like items, places,things…nostalgia.  CB believes that frangrance is art and that your scent is your identity. These water based fragrances also change from person to person making your bottle of CB I hate Perfume unquickly and sololy yours. We carry a wide verity of fragrances from his collection call the shop to find out which ones.


 Melange Perfumes are formulated and hand-poured by the artisans at the Los Angeles studio to ensure your perfumes and crème are perfectly fragrant. They use only the finest fragrance notes and essential oils in their signature bases. Each product is designed to be worn alone or layered to create a custom fragrance blend. The line varys from soft grassy greens, to powerful gardineas, to even dark and spicy ambers.

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